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I. Elghansa DWT GmbH manufacturer's warranty

Elghansa DWT GmbH provides a manufacturers warranty to the ultimate consumer in accordance with the clauses and conditions stated below for all the Elghansa products delivered to the customer.

The ultimate consumer is any private person or legal entity that purchases the products for personal use and has no intentions to resell and/or to install it at the third party within the framework of its professional activity.

The manufacturer's warranty does not affect the rights of the ultimate consumer against the supplier or the manufacturer established by law.

II. Warranty service

Elghansa DWT GmbH guarantees that all the products under Elghansa brand name that were manufactured for Elghansa DWT GmbH have no material, manufacture, design or functional defects. Technical standards applied at the time of products manufacture serve as a basis for defects evaluation.

If defects are detected, they should be fully eliminated by Elghansa DWT GmbH at its own expense. If defects are detected during the warranty period, at discretion of Elghansa DWT GmbH the product should be either fixed or replaced with a new one.

Any warranty repair should be performed by a well-qualified specialist who has the work authorization or by Elghansa DWT GmbH service employee.

During the warranty period any defective product should be fixed or replaced by the means of free delivery and installation of new parts or the product of the same kind, quality or type. Should the defective product be phased out during the warranty period, Elghansa DWT GmbH may offer the product of the same type and price. When repair or exchange are completed, ownership of spare parts or the replaced product should be granted to Elghansa DWT GmbH.

III. Warranty period

Elghansa DWT GmbH manufacturer's warranty for taps, shower systems, thermostatic systems and concealed mixers is provided for 5 years and comes into effect from the date of purchase of the product by the ultimate consumer. Elghansa DWT GmbH manufacturer's warranty for hand showers, shower rails, shower hoses and head showers is provided for 1 year and comes into effect from the date of purchase of the product by the ultimate consumer.

The warranty period should not be prolonged by any works connected with repair or exchange of the product or its parts.

IV. Warranty terms

The warranty service is provided only when the original billing statement with the date of purchase is presented. The statement should contain legible information about the seller and the place of purchase.

Moreover, the warranty terms may apply only if the product was installed correctly and was used as intended. This condition should apply regardless of the fact whether the product was installed by a specialist or consumer. In any case during the installation all technical requirements issued for the product by the manufacturer as well as requirements of the local technical documentation should be fulfilled.

V. Warranty rejection

Warranty obligations do not cover the following:

  • when technical requirements to the product installation and use are not complied with;

  • when the product is used for other purposed than specified;

  • when the products defect is caused by details missing or incorrect handling;

  • when during repair or maintenance not original Elghansa spare parts are used;

  • when the defect is caused by transportation, installation or by the test run of the product;

  • when products surface is damaged after the delivery to the ultimate consumer;

  • when natural wear and tear of spare parts (f.e. rubber seals, aerators, gaskets, etc.) takes place;

  • when the damage is caused by aggressive environmental agents (such as chemicals, acids, cleaning substances), abrasive cleansers or due to ice, scale or lime influence;

  • when the ultimate consumer or any third party deliberately causes products damage or handles it carelessly;

VI. Other provisions

This warranty should apply to the full extend when the above given conditions are fully observed (including the presentation of purchase evidence in case of resell) for every future owner of the product.

The warranty obligations are provided in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.